There is a world that lies parallel to ours – at least, I think it does. I never believed the stories about otherworlds until I stumbled through a doorway into one. I always wanted to be an adventurer, though, and I’m not one to turn down such a golden opportunity. So I’m traveling around this otherworld, with my trusty notebook for company, writing down everything for the folks back home.

This is my travelogue.


That’s the conceit, anyway.

Truth is, I’m a fantasy author who can’t outline worth a damn. I think in stories, and so I was accumulating an awful lot of worldbuilding vignettes – pieces that weren’t even really stories in themselves, just glimpses of my fictional world, dumped haphazardly into some folders and documents on my computer.

I was getting tangled up in all the worldbuilding, and I was utterly lacking in organization, so I decided to start more or less from scratch and re-build my world – organically, from a single starting point, and using myself as the window into the world. And thus, the idea for this blog was born.

Most of what’s on here is the travelogue. Every so often, because I can’t help myself, I’ll throw up a short story or a bit of bad poetry, but those are secondary. I intend to post every weekday.

Eventually, I will probably start a secondary worldbuilding series – transcripts of fictional university lectures – but that’ll have to wait a bit.

My name is Alix Amnamare. Welcome to my sandbox.


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  1. me said,

    I think your ideas and dreams are great.

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