July 5, 2008

A Story about a Box.

Posted in Greek at 2:10 am by Alix

Well, first of all, it wasn’t a box.

(It is now. A foolish man broke it, and from its pieces I made a miniature mosaic chest.)

…formed perfect by the greatest craftsman the world had ever seen…

It was a jar, like a moderately large perfume jar, made of some luminescent green stone, with a copper stopper.

…knowledge of all crafts, the wisdom of the age…

And it didn’t hold what you think it did.

…speech and persuasion, grace and dignity…

Everything that they wanted for you, they put in that jar, and they gave it to me to deliver.

…justice, right laws, peace…

It was the heaviest jar in the world. It weighed nothing.

…beauty, mirth, and good cheer…

And they told me never to open it.

…but Hermes gave me a cunning mind.

But I knew what would happen if that jar remained sealed.

So I opened the lid…

But this isn’t my story. Or yours. Or even theirs.

…and let loose every ill you’ve ever known…

This is the story of a jar

…and faster than a human could move…

that contained

…in the long moment of a blink…

every good and true thing this world has ever known

…trapped the last of them in the jar. For you.

that was meant to be kept from you forever.

Here’s hope.

All golden ages must fall, lest we become monsters.

I am the All-Gifted, and I give you yourselves.

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.